About Mauritius Undersea Walk

Our Story

Helping you get your feet wet with Mauritius marine life!

My name is Yves and I have a personal mission of using my passion of undersea to help people discover the rich marine line that Mauritius has to offer.

Mauritius Seawalk was born in 2012 after my visit to Bali where I spent some time at Bali Diving, an established and internationally accredited dive center to learn more undersea walk technologies. Undersea walk promises an easy and safe way for everyone to enjoy marine life without resorting to diving or snorkeling.

Today, Mauritius Seawalk operates from several locations across the island and we offer added-services from door-to-door transfer services as well as combining our undersea walk with other sea/water activities.

At your service for questions & support,
Yves Jumeau